Phoenix, Arizona

Nestled in the heart of Phoenix, Palma restaurant is a captivating oasis that beckons food lovers from near and far. Step into a world where contemporary sophistication blends seamlessly with the vibrant spirit of the Southwest, and prepare yourself for an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Key Tables

The prime real-estate guests are seeking.
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Private Cabana

Escape to exclusivity at Palma's private cabana seating, a hidden sanctuary designed to pamper groups of 6-8 with utmost privacy. Whether celebrating special occasions or reveling in togetherness, this secluded haven offers an unforgettable experience, where shared moments are cherished within the embrace of luxury.
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Oasis Retreat

Under the canopy, find the Oasis Retreat at Palma - an al fresco haven with comfy seating for casual gatherings. Shaded from the sun and conveniently located by the bar, it's your spot for relaxed moments with drinks and snacks under the desert sky.
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Tablz has been invaluable in helping guests understand our unique lounge-style seating at Palma. The platform's visual features eliminate confusion, ensuring guests know exactly what to expect. Since implementing Tablz, we've seen a decrease in cancellations and a boost in revenue, as guests are more committed to their chosen table settings.

Kira Northrop


Real-Estate Analysis

Understanding the full potential.

Initially cautious, Palma started with free off-peak bookings. After observing positive guest feedback and increasing demand, we transitioned to more paid slots. By implementing seasonal pricing and premium table rates, Palma experienced a 219% surge in monthly sales and tripled the average booking price.


Optimized Real-Estate Value

We scrutinize the trends in online reservation rates made either days or weeks in advance to understand booking behaviors.


Online Demand

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We assess the range and distinctiveness of tables, examining how these factors potentially influence the guest experience.


Table Variety

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We delve into operational challenges, specifically focusing on how high demand for particular tables or sections impacts efficiency.


Floor Operations

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We investigate the price points at which guests are willing to reserve specific tables or sections, gauging their price sensitivity.


Price Elasticity

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Evaluation Methodology

Tablz employs a methodology that integrates the scrutiny of online reservation trends with an in-depth assessment of table variety, to quantify the upgrade value of our partners' dining real estate.
Our ratings are specifically designed to quantify the upgrade value of our partners' dining real estate. They are not intended to serve as indicators of profitability, desirability, or dining quality for our partner establishments.
For instance, our evaluation criteria might result in a Michelin-starred restaurant scoring lower than a local burger joint. Similarly, a property with low online demand could still be consistently full due to walk-in patrons.