Gene & Georgetti

Chicago, Illinois

Italian Steakhouse
Steeped in Chicago history, Gene & Georgetti is more than just a steakhouse—it's a time capsule of culinary artistry. Located in the River North district since 1941, this family-owned institution delivers unmatched steaks and a nostalgic ambiance. Rub shoulders with legends, both old and new, in a space where Frank Sinatra once dined and the family's Tuscan roots run deep.

Key Tables

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Sinatra's Serenade

Tucked away in a coveted corner, this booth whispers tales of the legendary Frank Sinatra. Dine where Ol' Blue Eyes once serenaded his plate, enveloped in an ambiance that echoes with the timeless melodies and charisma of an icon. A true gem for those seeking a touch of vintage Hollywood in the heart of Chicago.
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Bella Breeze

Experience the allure of al fresco dining on our Bella Breeze patio table. Set against the backdrop of Chicago's skyline, this outdoor patio table offers a refreshing blend of Gene & Georgetti's iconic flavors and the city's vibrant energy. Bask in the gentle breezes and savor every bite under the vast, open sky.
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Real-Estate Analysis

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A stalwart in Chicago's culinary landscape, Gene & Georgetti has been serving as the city's original steakhouse since 1941. The restaurant has earned a devoted following, including a roster of legends like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Lucille Ball, who have graced its storied booths. Recognizing the allure of these iconic seating options, Gene & Georgetti has partnered with Tablz to enhance guest experiences by offering reservations at these most-requested, celebrity-favored booths.


Optimized Real-Estate Value

We scrutinize the trends in online reservation rates made either days or weeks in advance to understand booking behaviors.


Online Demand

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We assess the range and distinctiveness of tables, examining how these factors potentially influence the guest experience.


Table Variety

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We delve into operational challenges, specifically focusing on how high demand for particular tables or sections impacts efficiency.


Floor Operations

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We investigate the price points at which guests are willing to reserve specific tables or sections, gauging their price sensitivity.


Price Elasticity

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Evaluation Methodology

Tablz employs a methodology that integrates the scrutiny of online reservation trends with an in-depth assessment of table variety, to quantify the upgrade value of our partners' dining real estate.
Our ratings are specifically designed to quantify the upgrade value of our partners' dining real estate. They are not intended to serve as indicators of profitability, desirability, or dining quality for our partner establishments.
For instance, our evaluation criteria might result in a Michelin-starred restaurant scoring lower than a local burger joint. Similarly, a property with low online demand could still be consistently full due to walk-in patrons.