Cafe La Trova

Miami, Florida

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of Cuba in the heart of Miami. Paying homage to 1980s Cuban culture with its vibrant ambiance and rich flavors, Cafe La Trova blends traditional Cuban recipes with modern mixology, setting the stage for a journey back in time complemented by lively musical performances.

Key Tables

The prime real-estate guests are seeking.
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Melody Mesa

Gather here to dine and dance, where every bite is accompanied by the strumming of guitars and the beat of bongos.
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Son Cubano Cove

Immerse in the deep-rooted traditions of Son Cubano. This section is a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, and charisma.
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Tablz has streamlined the process for guests who want to reserve specific areas in Cafe La Trova, reducing the volume of calls and administrative work. Their tech integrates seamlessly with our existing systems, making it easy for both our staff and our guests. The partnership has been a win-win for everyone involved.

Michael Weider

Director of Operations

Real-Estate Analysis

Understanding the full potential.

Cafe La Trova faced a significant operational challenge: managing high table demand that was straining their Front of House teams.

Tablz not only created a substantial new revenue stream but also streamlined the reservation process. Now, a single reservation manager can handle all inquiries and requests for stage seating, effectively removing a major operational hurdle.


Optimized Real-Estate Value

We scrutinize the trends in online reservation rates made either days or weeks in advance to understand booking behaviors.


Online Demand

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We assess the range and distinctiveness of tables, examining how these factors potentially influence the guest experience.


Table Variety

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We delve into operational challenges, specifically focusing on how high demand for particular tables or sections impacts efficiency.


Floor Operations

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We investigate the price points at which guests are willing to reserve specific tables or sections, gauging their price sensitivity.


Price Elasticity

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Evaluation Methodology

Tablz employs a methodology that integrates the scrutiny of online reservation trends with an in-depth assessment of table variety, to quantify the upgrade value of our partners' dining real estate.
Our ratings are specifically designed to quantify the upgrade value of our partners' dining real estate. They are not intended to serve as indicators of profitability, desirability, or dining quality for our partner establishments.
For instance, our evaluation criteria might result in a Michelin-starred restaurant scoring lower than a local burger joint. Similarly, a property with low online demand could still be consistently full due to walk-in patrons.